PhD students:

Zahra Khais Shahid: Activity Recognition using Machine Learning to Detect Anomalies in Elderly Behaviour for Single Resident Smart Homes (Started 2020) – Main supervisor

Joo Chan Kim: Multimodal Interaction in IoT Systems with a focus on Augmented Reality (Started 2018) – Co-supervisor

Vidya Krishnan: Blockchain and Machine Learning in smart grids (Started 2021) – Co-supervisor

Aditya Kumar Pathak: Applying Machine Learning to Detect Network Anomalies in IoT Systems (Started 2020) – Co-supervisor

Master thesis students:

Sri Krishna Srinivas: (Completed)

John Kanwar: (Completed)

Orsola Fejzo: (Completed)

Meruyert Nurgazy: (Completed) 

Jeremy Facchetti: (Completed)

Adyasha Swain: (Completed)

Kubra Saeedi: (Completed)

Shabna Siraj: (Completed)

Victor Araujo: (Completed)

Aigerim Zhalgasbekova: (Completed)

Tamara Belyakhina: (Completed)

Giang Tran: (Completed)

Jean-Paul Bambanza: (Completed)

Haidar Chikh: (Completed)

Ngo Manh Khoi: (Completed)

Rohan Nanda: (Completed)

Baptiste Louis: (Completed)