Post-Doctoral Researcher at Luleå University of Technology (LTU), Skellefteå Campus, Skellefteå, Sweden

I have recently completed my PhD in Information Technology/Media Technology from Monash University, Australia and LTU, Sweden.

My work as a post-doc is in the area of energy efficiency in smart cities. I am currently working within the FP7 project: Optimising Hybrid Energy Grids for Smart Cities. The main focus is on District Heating (DH) systems and working on developing consumer-side energy efficiency systems.

My PhD research focused on complex activity analysis, presence, context awareness and social networking. Humans perform all sorts of activities in  everyday life. On-body and environmental sensors as well as other context information can be used to infer these activities. Also, humans are multi-taskers they usually perform more than one activity which can be concurrent and interleaved. The inference of such activities can create awareness amongst humans themselves as well as others. Real-time  as well as logged information about our activities can facilitate in various aspects of living, doing work  and communication.

On this site you can find more about my research and my current activities. You can also find me rambling about any and everything here which perhaps may be of use to you or you might just come across it as some general silliness. Anyways, hope you enjoy visiting the site :).


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