Dec 2013 – present:

Post-Doc at LTU Skellefteå.

Oct 2010 – Jun 2013:

I have recently finished my dual-award PhD in Information Technology/Media Technology from Monash University, Australia and Luleå University of Technology, Sweden. I passed my thesis examination in February 2013 from Monash University. This was followed by a public defense at LTU, Sweden in June 2013. After successfully defending my thesis, I was awarded my doctoral degree from LTU, Sweden on 12 June 2013. At Monash University, I was awarded my degree on 10 October 2013 in Melbourne.

Nov 2012 – Jul 2013: Research Intern (CSIRO, Canberra, Australia)

This was my second internship at CSIRO, after completing my thesis where I continued my work from the previous internship.

Apr 2012 – Jun 2012: Research Intern (CSIRO, Canberra, Australia)

I was working as a research intern at CSIRO while completing my PhD.

Dec 2011 – to present: Visiting PhD Candidate (CSIRO, Canberra, Australia)

I am visiting CSIRO, Canberra to work under the guidance of my PhD supervisor. I am working towards the completion and submission of my PhD from here.

Jul 2010 – Nov 2011: Visiting PhD Candidate (Luleå University of Technology, Sweden)

This was my 2nd visit to LTU, Sweden as part of my PhD program. I was again involved in research and TA activities. I also presented my research in a couple of conferences as well.

Nov 2009 – Jan 2010: Visiting PhD Candidate (Luleå University of Technology, Sweden)

I visited LTU, Sweden as part of the requirement of my dual badge PhD program. I was involved in performing research on my PhD thesis as well as worked as a teaching assistant. During this period, I also presented my research in a seminar held at LTU.

June 2008 – August 08: Intern at IBM India Research Lab

I worked as a summer intern with IBM India Research Lab, in New Delhi. The work involved researching and developing ‘Are You In?’: A real-time social networking system. More details can be found here.

2006-2007: Intelligent Presence-Aware Decentralized Unified Messaging System (IPAD-UMS)

I finished my Masters from Monash University in 2007. My research involved the development of an Intelligent Presence-Aware Decentralized Unified Messaging System. This work was published in the conference proceedings Mobiquitous 2008:

Determining User Presence using Context in a Decentralized Unified Messaging System (IPAD-UMS): Unified Messaging (UM) is an important part of Unified Communication (UC) solutions and has the potential to provide users with seamless connectivity in delivering ‘anykind’ of messages to a user ‘anytime’ and ‘anywhere’. If this potential is realized, it would enable UM to become ubiquitous and pervasive in nature. However, existing Unified Messaging Systems (UMS) are fraught with critical shortcomings and drawbacks which inhibit it to furnish a complete solution to satisfy all the communication needs of a user. Nearly all existing UMS are centralized, vendor-specific, organization oriented, expensive and highly complex to integrate. In this paper, we present our novel context-aware UMS called the Intelligent Presence-Aware Decentralized Unified Messaging System (IPAD-UMS) which is pervasive and ubiquitous. Our system overcomes the drawbacks and limitations inherent in the existing UMS. It collects and processes a wide array of complex context information such as user and device location, message subject, message priority, user profile settings, etc. and also determines presence intelligently to deliver messages to a device closest to the user irrespective of time and location. Several experiments were conducted with our prototype implementation to validate the capabilities of our system. Our IPAD-UMS is decentralized, intelligent, user-centric, software-based, platform independent, user-friendly and inexpensive along with having text-to-speech capabilities.


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