Master thesis students:

  1. Rohan Nanda, A Bayesian Approach for Forecasting Heat Load in a District Heating System (completed 2015)
  2. Ngo Manh Khoi, Sensor Communication in Smart Cities and Regions: An Efficient IoT-Based Remote Health Monitoring System (completed 2015)
  3. Baptiste Louis, CloudSimDisk: Energy-Aware Storage Simulation in CloudSim (completed 2015)
  4. Jean Paul Bambanza, iSEE:A Semantic Sensors Selection System for Healthcare (completed 2016)
  5. Haidar Chikh, APOLLO: A System for Proactive Application Migration in Mobile Cloud Computing (completed 2016)
  6. Victor Araujo, (TBC)
  7. Tamara Belyakhina, (TBC)
  8. Aigerim Zhalgasbekova,  (TBC)



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